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Adding font sizes options back to the new text editor

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Until the new text editor release earlier this week, there was a “font size” feature that allowed your clients a simple method for adjusting the size of any individual piece of text within their site. I’m personally not a huge fan of this functionality (because it introduces lots of non-standard formatting across the site) and was happy to see it go.

Many clients, however, love having this extra control. So much that several have written me to complain. And while I’ve voiced their opinions in the forums, most website owners are looking for a quicker fix than this discussion is likely to bring about.

The fastest solution I could think of was to implement similar functionality via the Class dropdown.

A step-by-step tutorial for adding font size options to your client sites


1. Enter the source editor and open one of the site’s CSS files

It doesn’t matter which specific file you edit as long as it’s something that’s loaded across the entire site and is not userstyles.css (which is dynamically generated by the design editor)

Design Editor

2. At the end of the CSS file, add new font size styles

They’ll go inside of texteditor comments to make sure the system adds them to the Class dropdown. You can, of course, modify or remove the styles to suit your client’s needs.

Class Dropdown3. Head back to the nearest text editor

If everything was implemented properly you should immediately see the new styles in the Class dropdown menu.

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