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Quickly hide LightCMS admin menus during site preview and development

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As a developer, one of the biggest headaches I run into on a regular basis is the admin menu and page bar getting in the way of previewing site functionality. If you’ve ever worked on a LightCMS site with a sticky header or other navigation components that show up near the top or right corner of the page you’ve likely run into this as well. It’s especially problematic when testing mobile sites while logged in on a desktop browser.

[efsnotification type=”” style=”” close=”false” ]In the past I’ve written about implementing advance styles to make site administration easier for your clients when the admin bar impacts site functionality. For the best long-term site administration experience, I still recommend enhancing your site this way before launch. This post just covers a quick workaround to use during initial site development.[/efsnotification]

I used to just open an incognito window in Chrome and preview the site that way, but this only works if the site is in its trial period or has been upgraded to a paid plan (otherwise you have to login to see the site). Recently, I’ve been using a handy bookmarklet I wrote to remove the admin menus from view. It’s been extremely helpful in my day-to-day development workflow.

To install it, save this page to your browser bookmarks bar and then edit the bookmark to rename it “Hide LightCMS Menus” and change the URL to:

Some might consider this an over-engineered solution to an admittedly minor frustration, but when you encounter it multiple times every day those inconveniences stack up into measurable lost productivity. Here’s to a happy, productive 2016 :)

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