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Beautiful design meets ultimate flexibility in this general-purpose LightCMS theme that places a strong focus on responsive design and effortless content administration.

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A better experience from the ground up

FreshStart is the culmination of months of rethinking what it means to run a site on LightCMS. Flexibility, ease-of-use, and stellar design are core values that permeate every aspect of the system, and we thought it was high time to infuse those values into this general purpose theme. Fully-responsive webforms, beautiful image galleries, a mobile-optimized calendar and global content areas are just a few of the unique enhancements you’re sure to love.

Design editor integration

No need to be a developer (or even a designer) to take advantage of everything this theme has to offer. Customize your client sites in minutes with native Design Editor integration.

Intelligently responsive

Unlike many responsive themes, FreshStart doesn’t just squish component widths down to fit in a mobile browser window. Instead, your content will dynamically adapt and reflow to provide an optimal experience for every visitor regardless of screen size.

Flexible templates allow your content to shine with minimal effort

Life is short, so why waste time switching templates to try and achieve perfect content organization and alignment? With a dynamic grid system, every template in the theme has multiple column arrangements and content areas available. Best of all, if you don’t use a particular grid arrangement it automatically disappears instead of taking up empty space on your live site.

Rich enhancement of LightCMS elements

No theme would be complete without full support for native CMS elements. FreshStart checks all the boxes and takes things a step further with a complete reimagining of responsive calendars, forms, image galleries, and more.

Comprehensive browser support

Build your site with confidence knowing that FreshStart has already been tested in over 300 browsers across 60+ desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

An extra gear for developers

FreshStart is designed to be easy for novices—but not at the expense of power users!

The core theme is built upon Zurb Foundation and developers will feel right at home with full access to highly-organized SCSS components, DRY template architecture, a full suite of PSDs, and commented source code.

Homepage testimonials

Use social proof to gain trust and build rapport with customers through simple, randomized homepage testimonials.

Deep text editor integration

With a single click you can create buttons, modify font sizes, apply animations, align images, and control content visibility.

Full-screen homepage intro

Make a strong first impression with full-screen immersive photography and a bold site introduction.

FreshStart comes in two delicious flavors

Satisfaction guaranteed – or your money back!