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Responsive LightCMS theme development for your custom website designs

You create amazing website designs. We turn them into living, breathing websites, built from the ground up with maximum LightCMS compatibility in mind.

How does the process work?

You provide the design

We’ll take whatever you work with: Sketch, PSD, AI, JPG, PDF, etc.

We code and install it

A fully responsive, LightCMS integrated and optimized design.

You build the site…

…and we’ll stand by for tweaks and updates as the content is developed.

Standard features

Included with every design implementation at no extra charge:

Fully responsive templates

Your website will intelligently reorganize itself on mobile devices to make the best use of the available space.

Performance-optimized code

Every custom template is developed with optimal load time and performance in mind.


Professional installation

We’ll upload completed template files into your site to verify functionality and jump-start your development.

Any design file accepted

Sketch or PSD files are preferred, but if you can visually represent your site on the screen we can use it.

Support for all elements

We style all native LightCMS elements (forms, calendar, blog, etc) to match your design specifications.

WYSIWYG editor integration

Each site’s unique formatting styles are only a click away with our deep text-editor integration.

Comprehensive browser support

Your site will look great in modern versions of the world’s most popular desktop and mobile web browsers.

Dropdown menus

An intuitive, responsive menu system makes your site easy to navigate.

Elegant web fonts

We support both free options like Google Fonts or paid services such as Typekit.

Branded login page

Personalize the login experience for every client by showing their logo or organization name.

Phone-based consultation

We start each project with a short chat to discuss needs and functionality not easily illustrated in a static mockup.

Website warranty

We stand by for 30 days after initial template delivery to handle any last-minute tweaks or modifications as you build out site content.

How does LightIgnite compare to a freelancer or general PSD to HTML service?

If you’ve built LightCMS websites with a third-party developer before, you know first-hand how painful the process can be. You come up with an amazing design, and the developer struggles to implement it in a way that maintains ease-of-use for content administrators without completely losing the visual aesthetic (or crucial functionality) you worked so tirelessly to craft.

LOTS of back-and-forth ensues, costs balloon, and you’re usually left with a mess of a site that you’re not thrilled to deliver to the client :(

After developing hundreds of LightCMS websites, we know a successful site build is about WAY more than a few code monkeys cutting up a design and dropping the pieces in your lap.

Our primary goal is to serve as a trusted partner — not just a cog in the machine — who provides valuable input throughout the entire design and build process.

The technical quality of our end product is certainly unsurpassed, but the real value you get from working with LightIgnite is the collaborative development process that keeps you informed and involved every step of the way.

At the end of the day, the logistics of our business model are quite simple – if you’re not happy, you’ll go somewhere else next time. So it’s our job to make sure you’re thrilled with your entire experience. Every site. Every time.

Have questions about our service? Get in touch, I answer every request personally :)

What’s it like working with us?

Our small team is dedicated to providing the best development experience you’ve ever had. Customer satisfaction and kick-ass deliverables are our specialities.

With extensive LightCMS experience and our exclusive website warranty, we’re prepared to collaborate with you to launch a site that far exceeds your client’s expectations.

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Dozens of LightCMS design agencies trust LightIgnite with their websites

End-to-end support. A collaborative development process. No long-term contracts. Zero surprises.