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Stop selling LightCMS

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Since you’re reading this blog, there’s a pretty good chance you’re already sold on the fact that LightCMS is a great system to power client websites for your business. A perfect mix of design and content control creates an ideal environment for your clients to easily manage the website you build. This is the reason I chose to work with the platform, but it’s also the reason I want you to stop selling LightCMS to your clients.

I don’t at all intend for you to stop using LightCMS, rather I suggest that you quit focusing on selling websites based on its features. The first thing a client needs to know (and really the only thing most care about before hiring you) is that you’re capable of solving their larger problem: generating more leads and sales, growing their audience, etc via their website. The specifics of how that’s done (and the place where LightCMS features come into play) are part of a larger conversation that is most likely taking place after contracts have been signed.

I see a lot of LightCMS resellers advertising websites on DesignCoCMS (or whatever they’re calling their rebranded version of LightCMS) and listing out the features, plan limitations, and so on. In most cases this is done without even highlighting what these particular features might mean to a client of DesignCo. I firmly believe this is the wrong way to resell a product like LightCMS (outside of very specific niches).

If you’re selling LightCMS and I’m selling LightCMS and the guy down the street is selling LightCMS then we’ve all just turned ourselves into a commodity – a product or service that can be swapped out interchangeably with relatively little overhead and discomfort. If you’re selling a commodity you’ve got to be doing some SERIOUS volume, and I personally don’t have any interest in playing that game.

Instead, find out what makes you unique – the special sauce that makes your service better, at least for a particular client, than everyone else selling websites on LightCMS. Do you offer stellar support? Are you amazing at working with non-technical clients and helping them understand the web? Do you know the local market better than anyone? Do you work well with a particular niche? Are websites just one piece of a kick-ass online marketing strategy that you provide to clients?

If you don’t immediately know what value you add on top of LightCMS then that’s likely the root of a very large problem – and if it’s not showing itself today then it will sometime soon. When you don’t add value, there’s simply no reason someone would need to work with you over a self-serve platform like Squarespace, Weebly, or even LightCMS directly.

Stop selling LightCMS and you’ll immediately stop competing on features and price. The race to the bottom is an exhausting and unsustainable way to do business. Figure out your unique selling point and focus on that instead. I promise you’ll thank me later.

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